The Why and the What?

There are two questions that I’m asked the most — why and what’s next?

Why am I leaving EveryScape? I think Galen’s MHT article summarizes it well.  I founded EveryScape in 2002, and only just left.  When I updated my LinkedIn profile, it said I was with EveryScape for 8 years and 8 months.  If I get to live to be 80 years old, then it’s more than 10% of my life.  10%!!!  I think of myself as an entrepreneur and a startup guy..  But the facts say I’m a delusional fuck!  Well, to be fair, we had to reinvent EveryScape a few times, so I do consider it like 3 companies rolled into one (Pretty amazing what a great team we have at EveryScape!).

Why did it take me so long to leave? One thing my parents taught me early in my life is to follow through.  I wanted to do multiple (and unorthodoxed) degrees as an undergrad — Art History, Studio Art, and Computer Science.  I’m proud to say I got it done in 4 years.  I’m proud to have finished my Ph.D.  I’m proud to have brought EveryScape to where we are today.  It was just my time…

What’s next? I have no fucking idea.  I would love to start another, if the opportunity is there.  I would love to join another team that challenges one another and pushes/changes the market and the ecosystem.  For now, it’s an open book.  Exciting and scary.  Stay tuned.

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