What’s Next — Internet 3.0

Xconomy’s Greg Huang wrote a great article about what may be next for me (Greg’s a pretty amazing story teller).  Let me continue that line of thought and provide some snippets of evolving idea(s).

We certainly live in interesting times (blessing or a curse?).  Many of the technologies have become mature (v 1.0) and now are crossing over to the next version (v 2.0).  Mobile, cloud, social, smart phones, etc. are no longer pieces of technologies that cater only to the early adopters but has very much crossed the chasm to the rest of the world.

The mapping of the physical world (the “offline”) to the cyber world (the “online”) has begun in full force, from games (a la Foursquare) to servicing local merchants (a la Groupon).  Let me be provokative — I would venture to say that Internet 1.0 was search (e.g. Google), Internet 2.0 was social (e.g. Facebook), and Internet 3.0 is mapping of the offline to online — and NOT “semantic web.”  (Sorta ironic that no one really seems to know the semantics of “web 3.0” is..)

Internet 3.0, offline to online mapping, is only showing just the tip of its iceberg.  Let the land rush begin!

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